(6) Virtual Development Cafe: Virtual development and release process of safety-relevant transportation system technologies

Autonomous driving will not totally avoid vehicle accidents. Challenges in functional testing: from sensors to sensor systems. Questions: How should we understand and simulate the vehicle safety architecture for automated driving? Future vehicle interior will require new restraint deployment strategies: How could a functional testing approach holistically cover the pre-crash phase and passive safety features?Read more

Case Study: System engineering, design and safety requirements for reliability of complex systems

Systems Engineering as defined in ISO 15288 and related standards is successfully applied in many industries traditionally providing and operating dependable, mostly (hard) real time and embedded systems. The past & today The automotive Industry has been dominated by mechanical solutions and systems within a vehicle which were fairly loosely coupled and each had moreRead more

Icebreaker Session No.1: Will Over-the-Top (OTT) Players disrupt the AD/ADAS testing market

At the moment every OEM collects its data without sharing it, BUT what happens if a platform operator starts to make a new OTT business with millions of connected car drivers? What are the prerequisites to run such a business? What are the Business models behind such an idea? Can mobile phones with additional hard-Read more

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