Case Study: Deployment within the Automated Driving Eco-System

How to Develop & Validate? How to Release & Monitor? How to Maintain & Improve?Read more

(5) Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) Cafe: TIC for Safety Assurance of Automated Driving

How will the world of certification change in order to support novel trends like AI and dynamic collaboration of systems? Update cycles of safety standards are too slow wrt. to the fast technological innovation cycles How can and should the TIC industry support the assurance of dependability if dependability of an automated driving function dependsRead more

(6) Challenge Your Peers Session: Addressing the Challenges of Safety and Fail-operational AD system

Analysis of ISO 26262 shortcomings with respect to autonomous driving: is there a gap and if yes can we overcome it with the upcoming standard? Fail operational E/E system concepts for future application in ADAS and autonomous driving Product safety, functional safety, operational safety, SOTIFRead more

(5) Challenge Your Peers Session: Functional Safety for Level 4 automation – Requirements and Architectures for ML Systems

How safe do autonomous driving systems need to be, in order to gain social acceptance? What are the challenges in testing & validation of Level 4 algorithms? What can the end-to-end software/hardware/sensor architecture look like? What are the implications of machine learning for functional safety? What changes are needed in the development process in orderRead more

(2) Challenge Your Peers: Data Networks, sensors for autonomous driving, and development of cooperative safety applications in autonomous driving features – What are the challenges for safety & security?

Read more

Case Study: Automotive SYS & Backend QA – Volkswagen Group IT’s Cloud based Testing as a Service Approach a for a scalable backend QA

Fully CI/CD integrated and self-service based testing Cloud native scaling of test execution Functional & non-functional testing Bing you own test-technology by the usage of containers to fit product-specific aspects Testing & Validation of Operational Safe Systems Reliability testing of software and hardware systems Outlook: Testing, Quality and safety management for software-based systems backend andRead more

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