Case Study: A Test development and execution system for autonomously performed scenarios – is it really worth it?

One of the most important and most effective natural instincts of all creatures is to prevent danger by being distrustful and cautious considering  new situations, new objects and – transferred to modern life – new technology. If we want to introduce autonomous driving into the world, we have to find the right balance between validationRead more

Research Study – An Integrated Approach to Safety and Security in Autonomous Vehicle Development

Safety-security interaction – and how safety functions can negatively affect security Developing security standards & processes for AVs Developing an integrated approach based on synergies & differencesRead more

Case Study: Functional Safety from Driver Assistance to Automated Driving 

Development of advanced driver assistance systems Sensor Systems: From fail-safe to fail-operational Validation of sensor algorithms in regards of false-positives and falsenegatives The interface to Tier One – Solving the integration challenge between OEM and Tier One On the scope and structure of functional safety requirements in highly automated driving & challenges of safety inRead more

Case Study: Assessing the safety impact of security attacks on autonomous vehicles

How to integrate cybersecurity into ASIL Security in the context of ISO 26262 2nd. ed.Read more

Case Study: SOTIF and Automated Driving Trends – Current and Future

Traditionally, the automotive industry has a safety process for developing safe systems in compliance with automotive standard ISO 26262. However, this process is involved to address only unreasonable risks due to the E/E system failures. However, the safety of these systems is not only related to malfunction behaviours due to the E/E failures. It isRead more

Case Study: Comparing release procedures for autonomous road vehicles and autonomous industrial trucks for intralogistics

For more than 30 years, autonomous transport vehicles have been successfully designed, released and used in intralogistics. Focusing on the EU, the criteria for safety validation and the release procedure for this type of vehicle are presented and compared to the automotive domain, covering: Terminology: Machinery vs road vehicle Machinery directive and manufacturer self declarationRead more

Case Study: Runtime Safety Assurance of Cooperative Automated Systems

Cooperative automated systems have enormous potential which can only be unlocked if safety can be argued and ensured. However, openness and complexity induce uncertainties and unknows, which, in turn, render the base assumptions of established safety assurance methods and standards void. A general approach to overcome this challenge is to shift certain assurance activities intoRead more

Case Study: Harmonizing safety and SOTIF analysis during autonomous vehicle concept phase

This talk introduces a unified approach in the preparation of Hazard, Risk and Undesired Event Analysis for greater harmonization of overall Safety norms for autonomous vehicles.Read more

Case Study: AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform – The standardized software framework for safe autonomous vehicles

The AUTOSAR community has been grown to more than 230 partner companies since the first AUTOSAR Classic Platform specification was released more than ten years ago. Based on the well-established high-quality standards, mature processes and strong communication channels inside this organization, AUTOSAR has been developing a completely new approach to cope with the challenging marketRead more

Case Study: Enabling Virtual Product Validation – Standards for Collaborative Simulation of Autonomous Driving

Virtual validation is becoming an essential part of development processes of highly autonomous driving (HAD) functions. Standards for model and system interchange are vital for cross-company and cross-domain virtual integration and simulation of HAD functions. Viewed in the context of SmartSE and industry projects like PEGASUS, an overview of current and upcoming standards like FMI,Read more

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