Case Study: Deployment within the Automated Driving Eco-System

How to Develop & Validate? How to Release & Monitor? How to Maintain & Improve?Read more

Case Study – Developing an Assurance Case Argument for Highly Automated Vehicles

There is no single standard the adequately addresses the risk associated with using highly automated vehicles There is therefore a need for the developers of such vehicles to provide an argument for why they believe their vehicles are acceptably safe MISRA are developing a set of guidelines for the development of automotive safety case argumentsRead more

Case Study: Functional Safety from Driver Assistance to Automated Driving 

Development of advanced driver assistance systems Sensor Systems: From fail-safe to fail-operational Validation of sensor algorithms in regards of false-positives and falsenegatives The interface to Tier One – Solving the integration challenge between OEM and Tier One On the scope and structure of functional safety requirements in highly automated driving & challenges of safety inRead more

Case Study: System engineering, design and safety requirements for reliability of complex systems

Systems Engineering as defined in ISO 15288 and related standards is successfully applied in many industries traditionally providing and operating dependable, mostly (hard) real time and embedded systems. The past & today The automotive Industry has been dominated by mechanical solutions and systems within a vehicle which were fairly loosely coupled and each had moreRead more

Case Study: SOTIF and Automated Driving Trends – Current and Future

Traditionally, the automotive industry has a safety process for developing safe systems in compliance with automotive standard ISO 26262. However, this process is involved to address only unreasonable risks due to the E/E system failures. However, the safety of these systems is not only related to malfunction behaviours due to the E/E failures. It isRead more

Case Study: Holistic Automotive Design process to drive Communication Security & Functional Safety

Today’s automotive industry is very much driven by the unprecedented challenge to design Autonomous & Electrified Vehicles. Being able to provide the needed documentation & evidence for homologation & certification results in a major focus on Functional Safety respectively ISO26262 driven design. In addition, the technical implementation of AV features is expected to result inRead more

Case Study: Safety in Cooperative Automated Systems

The talk motivates that merely considering functional safety is not sufficient for future cooperative automated systems. As additional dimensions, safety of the intended functionality as well as the engineering of a safe normal function must be considered. In addition, complex behaviors and the utilization of machine learning technology pose the need for novel safety measures.Read more

Case Study – Building automotive security from the inside out

Many cybersecurity techniques focus on securing the perimeter of critical computer systems, and recovering in the event of failure. In this talk we’ll take a new perspective on building safe and secure systems. Take a holistic view of cybersecurity for automotive systems from the bottom up. Put a new spin on “defense in depth” forRead more

Case Study: Analyzing safety of autonomous vehicles

Current challenges in safety engineering will be briefly reviewed as well as new research to address these problems. A method of systematically analyzing safety of systems with complex automation will be described with short examples. Applications also include cybersecurity, validation, testing, operations, and human interactions. The talk will conclude with industry adoption of the newRead more

Case Study: Automotive SYS & Backend QA – Volkswagen Group IT’s Cloud based Testing as a Service Approach a for a scalable backend QA

Fully CI/CD integrated and self-service based testing Cloud native scaling of test execution Functional & non-functional testing Bing you own test-technology by the usage of containers to fit product-specific aspects Testing & Validation of Operational Safe Systems Reliability testing of software and hardware systems Outlook: Testing, Quality and safety management for software-based systems backend andRead more

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