Case Study – Developing an Assurance Case Argument for Highly Automated Vehicles

There is no single standard the adequately addresses the risk associated with using highly automated vehicles There is therefore a need for the developers of such vehicles to provide an argument for why they believe their vehicles are acceptably safe MISRA are developing a set of guidelines for the development of automotive safety case argumentsRead more

Case Study: System engineering, design and safety requirements for reliability of complex systems

Systems Engineering as defined in ISO 15288 and related standards is successfully applied in many industries traditionally providing and operating dependable, mostly (hard) real time and embedded systems. The past & today The automotive Industry has been dominated by mechanical solutions and systems within a vehicle which were fairly loosely coupled and each had moreRead more

(4) Challenge Your Peers: Challenges and Opportunities for Semiconductor support for fail-operational automotive systems

How much is Availability and Reliability the result of quality in development process and production? Which kind of redundancy do we need against systematic failures of redundant components and systems? How can we re-use existing well working components and systems for fail-operational automotive systems? What graceful degradation scenarios do you foresee? (What is the strategyRead more

Case Study: Analyzing safety of autonomous vehicles

Current challenges in safety engineering will be briefly reviewed as well as new research to address these problems. A method of systematically analyzing safety of systems with complex automation will be described with short examples. Applications also include cybersecurity, validation, testing, operations, and human interactions. The talk will conclude with industry adoption of the newRead more

Case Study:  The merge of Cybersecurity and Functional Safety for Volvo Group

Volvo Group’s direction with cybersecurity and functional safety in one joint competence center Similarities and differences in the ways of working with cybersecurity and functional safety The overlaps and differences seen in our vehicles Lessons learnedRead more

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