(4) Fail Operational Café: Fail operational E/E system concepts for future application in ADAS and autonomous driving

Can architectures following 1oo2D pattern be a way forward in design of fail-operational systems? Can traditional vehicle be converted into fail-operational vehicles via re-design / re-mapping of components? What are the common failures including different domains such as Communication domain, Hardware/Software, Signal fusion and Reliable Power supply? What are the shortcoming of ISO26262 to supportRead more

Case Study: Safety in Cooperative Automated Systems

The talk motivates that merely considering functional safety is not sufficient for future cooperative automated systems. As additional dimensions, safety of the intended functionality as well as the engineering of a safe normal function must be considered. In addition, complex behaviors and the utilization of machine learning technology pose the need for novel safety measures.Read more

Case Study: Analyzing safety of autonomous vehicles

Current challenges in safety engineering will be briefly reviewed as well as new research to address these problems. A method of systematically analyzing safety of systems with complex automation will be described with short examples. Applications also include cybersecurity, validation, testing, operations, and human interactions. The talk will conclude with industry adoption of the newRead more

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