Case Study: System engineering, design and safety requirements for reliability of complex systems

Systems Engineering as defined in ISO 15288 and related standards is successfully applied in many industries traditionally providing and operating dependable, mostly (hard) real time and embedded systems.

The past & today
The automotive Industry has been dominated by mechanical solutions and systems within a vehicle which were fairly loosely coupled and each had more or less its own domain elements.
The systems in a vehicle became integrated and more and the implementation type “software” was used to provide functionality more and more.
Up to today it is not really distinguished between Functions/Algorithm which are defined as System level entities on one side and their implementation in Software on the other side. Thus, the definition & validation of algorithms as well as their implementation into a hardware capable of executing software is judged & treated as a “Software Development” activity, which in fact is not quite correct.
Until today this increasing number and contents of functionality causes major issues to keep control over the vehicle which can be observed by the rapidly increasing development cost as well as by recalls of new vehicles.

Today & the Future
Vehicle systems become even more integrated and thus structures (technical as well as organizational) are urgently needed to gain/keep control of development and release activities of systems relating to vehicle operation and capabilities. This vehicle related functionality becomes extended across the vehicle boundaries and “System of Systems” thinking & capabilities are needed.
The needed control structures shall cope with complexity of the functionalities and their systems and as well as with rapid changes in integration & implementation alternatives.

The presentation addresses definitions and elements for those “control structures” based on Systems Engineering.

  • What is Systems Engineering & why does it apply to automotive industry?
  • Systems of Interest and Systems of Systems
  • Systems Engineering embedding Operational Safety
  • The Technical Focus alone is simply not enough
  • Systems Engineering : The enabler to achieve Operational Safety for future automated mobility solutions

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