Case Study: Holistic Automotive Design process to drive Communication Security & Functional Safety

Today’s automotive industry is very much driven by the unprecedented challenge to design Autonomous & Electrified Vehicles. Being able to provide the needed documentation & evidence for homologation & certification results in a major focus on Functional Safety respectively ISO26262 driven design. In addition, the technical implementation of AV features is expected to result in a vast increase of complexity, hardware, interconnect & data rates.

In the cause of this “Rush for Safety”, Communication Security is often neglected. Still it has a fundamental impact on the vehicle E/E design as well as the downstream implementation in the connected Electrical, Software & Network domains as exposing the vehicle internal control logic to public IP networks introduces the risk of dramatic hazards by e.g. injecting malicious code or unwanted remote-control.

This presentation will demonstrate a proven, holistic E/E design flow which addresses exploration, design, verification, validation and certification of autonomous vehicles across all involved development domains, with a special focus on how to deliver solutions for security driven requirements for in- & outbound vehicle communication.

This presentation will focus on:

  • Design process for Autonomous & Electrified Vehicles
  • Functional Safety and Communication Security
  • Impact of vehicle-to-X communication on in-vehicle-networks
  • Securing autonomous vehicles from external intrusion
  • Holistic E/E Architecture design process for AV & EV features

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