(2) Operational Safe Cafe: How can we demonstrate that an Autonomous Vehicle is Operational Safe?

Safety is fundamental for the deployment of autonomous vehicles. Operational safety means that the system will continue to operate for a determined length ot time despite some component failure or undexpected disturbances. It is different to the notion of fail-safe when a system once failure occurs.

  • What could it be the strategy to develop Operational Safey Autonomous Vehicles?
  • Are current AV architectures addressing operational-safe architectures?
  • Robustness implies redundancy at the system level? What does it mean? How to achieve it? Cost issues?
  • Is there the need for a regulatory safety policy that should lead to compulsory operational safety – systems?
  • Operational Safety implies Social acceptability for autonomous vehicles. Can we as industry define the expectations as it might be the key for massive adoption?

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