Vladislav Voroninski

Vladislav Voroninski

CEO, Nov. 2016–Today Next generation AI for autonomous navigation. Sift Security, Scientific Advisor, Jan. 2016–June 2016 MIT, Instructor / Postdoc in Mathematics, June 2013–June 2016 Research in computer vision, compressed sensing, phase retrieval and theoretical computer science. Sift Security, Chief Scientist, Nov. 2014–Dec. 2015 Developing a machine learning framework for cybersecurity intrusion detection and investigation.


Helm.ai is an algorithm and AI centric company working on the fundamental perception problem for autonomous navigation. Our ultimate goal is achieving full autonomy - that is, safe algorithmic navigation completely independent from any human input - for self-driving cars, drones and consumer robots. We are productizing along the full spectrum of autonomy, using our state of the art computer vision and semi supervised deep learning technology.

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