Suneil Mishra

Suneil Mishra

Head of Strategic Marketing and Business Development
The Pop in your Job - What drives you? Whats your passion? Having spent a career deploying technologies with mass-market appeal, my focus is on solutions maximizing the positive impact on people’s lives. Autonomous systems and AI more than anything else have the opportunity to be life-transforming, and I’m excited to be helping accelerate their paths to global deployment. CV Suneil Mishra leads Strategic Marketing and Business Development for Tensyr Inc. Originally from Scotland, but based in Silicon Valley for over 20 years, he has advised, consulted or worked for successful startups and technology companies in key technology areas including AI/ML; machine vision & sensors; VR/AR; embedded compute & semiconductors; and autonomous systems. Suneil holds an M.S. in Computer Science from the George Washington University, and a B. Sc. (Hons) in Computing Science and Mathematics from the University of Glasgow. <suneil@tensyr.com>

Tensyr Inc.

Ready to move beyond pilot tests to mass deployment of your autonomous vehicles? Seeking reduced time to market and increased ROI? Better safety guarantees? Optimization and future-proofing for compute-hardware on-vehicle? Tensyr Inc. amps up your ML/AI R&D while delivering tightly orchestrated and optimized on-vehicle deployment in the field. Utilizing a dataflow-graph framework, Tensyr’s EDGE™ production software platform allows developers to explicitly map their whole software stack and easily manipulate it via scripting/GUI. The framework can interconnect real-world or synthetic data along with existing ML/AI models, code and sensor inputs as nodes within the graph; optimize for accelerators on-server/in-cloud during R&D; then optimize and orchestrate for on-vehicle hardware via Tensyr’s HALO™ runtime. Exactly the same graph is carried across from data-scientist to cloud developers to vehicle, assuring functional equivalence and safety at all times.

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