Stan Hristov

Hardware and Sensor Engineering
Stan Hristov is due to receive a PhD in electronic engineering, specializing in radar engineering, from the University of Birmingham, UK. There he worked on a number of projects related to Forward Scatter Radar and passive radars. Currently, he is a sensor and hardware engineer at AID GmbH, Munich, where he deals with sensor evaluation and sensor set development for autonomous driving. Pop In Your Job: The vehicles of the future would need to accurately recognize their environment – a great passion of mine is helping develop the “eyes and ears” of those vehicles.

Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH

The rapid evolution of technology is transforming today’s society and the way we travel is changing, creating a new ecosystem of personal mobility, from Drones to Hyperloop. Self-Driving cars and Autonomous Driving solutions are at the forefront of future personal mobility. At AID our mission is to empower fully autonomous driving and mobility services in urban environments. We are focusing on the development, production and distribution of a production ready software solution, which is intended to make driverless and autonomous driving possible in urban areas. AID GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of AUDI AG and we will be the ‘center of excellence’ for urban autonomous driving in the Volkswagen Group. Our technology will be used in models and brands across the group including VW, Audi and Porsche. As an innovative and agile organisation we have exciting growth plans over the next few years and we are looking for great minds to help us to develop and build the future of urban autonomous driving.

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