Raul Bravo

Raul Bravo

Raul Bravo, CEO co-founder of Dibotics, creator of the Augmented LIDAR technology. Raul is a serial entrepreneur in mobile robotics & start-up coach, with an extensive 15 years background in both bootstrapped & VC-backed start-up creation and growth. An engineer from UPC (Barcelona, Spain) with an MBA from College des Ingénieurs (Paris, France), he’s filed 10 patents and obtained 27 different awards for his engineering and entrepreneur career, among them the “MIT Technology Review – Top 10 Innovators Under 35”


We provide a suite of Intellectual Property, Algorithms and Engineering services to achieve mobile autonomy, advanced 3D perception and situation awareness. Based in Paris, the company have been created in 2015 by Raul Bravo and Olivier Garcia in order to extend to new application fields the result of 15 years of world-class know-how and field experience on GPS-denied and infrastructure less navigation. The Dibotics’ technology is used as a core component of some of the most advanced products and companies in mobile robotics, operating in both indoor and outdoor environments. We’ve developed and field-validated a unique 6 Degree of Freedom Sensor-Agnostic Localization technology, relying exclusively on the data originated from a single sensor: no odometry, IMU or multi-sensor fusion are needed. We work exclusively with OEM’s through long-term licensing and knowledge transfer agreements, helping them to enhance their current tele-operation capabilities, develop advancements in vehicle automation and 3D Perception.

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