Per Johannessen

Per Johannessen

Chief Project Manager - Technology Specialist for Functional Safety
CV Per Johannessen is a Technology Specialist for Functional Safety within Volvo Group and currently work as Chief Project Manager implementing the ISO 26262 standard. Before coming to Volvo Group, Per had a similar role within Volvo Cars introducing the ISO 26262 standard. Since 2006 Per has been an expert in the ISO committee responsible for the ISO 26262 standard and led the work of introducing trucks, buses and trailers into the standard. He is currently the project leader for Part 7 of the standard. Per has Master of Science degrees from Chalmers University of Technology and Georgia Institute of Technology and a PhD from Chalmers University of Technology within Computer Engineering.

Volvo Group Trucks Technology

If you on LinkedIn want to follow how our engineers help Volvo Group to succed with clever innovations and smart solutions, you from beginning of 2018 can do that at the Volvo Group LinkedIn company account https://www.linkedin.com/company/volvo-group/ This Volvo Group Trucks Technology account will no longer be active. The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and drive systems for marine and industrial applications. Success is largely due to the company’s ability to continuously develop new innovative solutions that assist customers in their operations and that increase safety and reduce the environmental impact. Most of the Group’s technical developments take place in Volvo Group Trucks Technology. All research, engine development and product design for the entire Volvo Group are located here and this is where the Group’s trucks are developed. Volvo Group Trucks Technology has approximately 7,000 employees, mostly engineers. They work in global teams with offices, workshops and laboratories in several countries worldwide.

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