Matteo Taiana

Matteo Taiana

Developer - Advanced Technologies Camera Systems
Pop in Your Job: I love to tackle new problems and design innovative systems as part of a brilliant R&D group. Matteo holds a MSc in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and a PhD in Computer Vision for Robotics from Instituto Superior Tecnico (Portugal). His academic work focused on 3D object tracking and Pedestrian Detection. Matteo worked on embedded Computer Vision algorithms for two years at Continental (UK). In January 2018 he joined the Vision Geometry group at Hyundai Mobis (Germany), where he is taking part to the development of next generation Autonomous Driving algorithms.

Hyundai MOBIS

Hyundai MOBIS, along with Hyundai motor, Kia motor, is one of the major affiliates of Hyundai group. Concentrating its resources on A/S parts sales, module parts manufacture and parts export, Hyundai MOBIS has firmly established its position as the leading auto parts specialist company.

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