Martin Höfler

Director Autonomous Driving Products & Pre-Series
  • Responsible for TTTech’s platform offering for automated driving as well as pre-development projects with international customers
  • Experience in hardware and software development in the fields of telecommunications, aerospace and automotive since 1997

TTTech Automotive

TTTech is a global leader in the field of robust networking and safety controls. TTTech solutions improve the safety and reliability of electronic systems in the industrial and transportation sectors, with a portfolio of products that are helping to make the Industrial Internet of Things and autonomous driving a reality. Thanks to the proven platform-based architecture, TTTech solutions enable simple system integration with shorter time-to-market and significant cost reductions for customers. Beyond this, TTTech solutions support highly scalable and modular open real-time architectures based on Deterministic Ethernet, including the upcoming IEEE TSN and SAE Time-Triggered Ethernet standard. TTTech’s core markets include the automotive, aerospace, off-highway and industrial segments. Networks and controls for the automotive industry are offered by TTTech’s subsidiary TTTech Automotive and products for mobile machinery as well as off-highway are offered by TTControl, a joint-venture company with Hydac International GmbH. http://www.tttech.com

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