Jason Yosinski

Jason Yosinski

Research & Machine Learning Principal, Uber AI Lab
Hello there! I'm Jason, a Machine Learning scientist, founding member of Uber AI Labs (previously Geometric Intelligence), and scientific advisor to Recursion Pharmaceuticals. We're hiring: if you're an experienced ML researcher or coder and interested in working on some fun datasets and problems, drop me an email. My research focuses on training and understanding neural networks and figuring out how to make them better. I completed my Ph.D. at Cornell, where at various times I worked with Hod Lipson (at the Creative Machines Lab), Jeff Clune, Yoshua Bengio (at U. Montreal's MILA), Thomas Fuchs (at Caltech JPL), and Google DeepMind. I was fortunate to be supported by a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship, which gave me the opportunity to trek around and work with all these great folks.

Uber Inc.

We believe that by solving some of the biggest problems of our time, we can create a future where there is limitless freedom of movement for people and things all across the world. Just talk to our people — and feel their passion, optimism and curiosity for building solutions every single day on behalf of drivers, riders, couriers, eaters and employees. While the tough problems we face everyday can be incredibly difficult to figure out, we believe those same problems enable us to personally grow the most. So we welcome people from all backgrounds who have the passion to change the world and also want to help create a supportive and collaborative environment. So that ultimately, we can learn together, solve together, build together, and move the world forward together.

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