Henry Fuchs

Henry Fuchs

Co Founder
I'm one of the co-founders of we.CONECT, responsible for everything from people management to buying a new coffee machine and my special interests are business networks, community building, growth, building up teams, business model generation, agility & new methods to work and beside this business bla bla - a lot of fun... :-) The Pop in my Job - What drives me, what is my passion? Thinking "things", creating "things", doing "things"!

we.CONECT Global Leaders

the we. & the conect. we.CONECT Global Leaders is an young, owner-managed, medium-sized company from the heart of Berlin and subsidiary office in London. We are proud of our independence which allows us to sustainably provide our services to our customers on the market. We operate at the heart of the global knowledge-, information- & technology communities. We serve customers from all industries & sectors, in Germany, Europe & globally.

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