Gilles Gallée

Business Development Director Autonomous Driving & Simulator
Gilles Gallée earned his Master’s degree in Engineering in Computer Science and Digital Image Processing. He then joined the first French Advanced Driving Simulator project, and worked alongside the IFSTTAR Research Institute and famous French Automotive OEMs. Specialist of Virtual Reality and simulators for transportation, he has been involved with many leaders of the industry such as Oktal (1998-2013) where he’s taken the responsibility of the projects department of virtual reality for civil and military customers. He’s also been in charge of the Automotive Driving Simulator Division, and of the Products and Projects Direction as Technical Director. He now works as Business Development Director for Autonomous Driving at OPTIS, world-leading company in optical and lighting simulation.

Optis World

OPTIS is a world-leading company in optical and lighting simulation for 3D physics based, realistic rendering. OPTIS offers a real-time simulation platform, fully connected to your existing systems, in a physically correct virtual environment. This platform helps you bridge the gap between sensor design, system performance, Human Machine Interface and human factor in the whole environment, thus enabling a strong development time reduction. You will be able to: Design optical sensors (Camera, LIDAR, Radar) and validate systems. Physically (Optically) simulate environment characteristics: road’s (surface) phenomena (wet road, rain, ...) Evaluate Human Machine Interface and human factors OPTIS solutions enhance the accuracy and realism of 3D virtual prototyping with the physics based simulation of light, material, human vision and ergonomics. Its solutions dedicated to virtual prototyping, simulation and visualization enable industrials to review and revise ADAS/AD systems collaboratively, locally and remotely. You are now able to cover the whole design and validation process from suppliers to OEMs.

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