Geert-Jan van Nunen

Geert-Jan van Nunen has started business and grown these from scratch multiple times. Both for corporate enterprises as well as in start-ups. His speciality is in bridging technology and innovation with business (models) and markets. Geert-Jan’s passion is the journey to correctly apply technology and thereby create true and structural improvements. With backgrounds in telecommunications and IT, he is now working as CCO at Teraki in the Automotive sector to help enabling new Use Cases such as Usage Based Insurance, Predictive Maintenance and AD.

Teraki GmbH

Teraki's software solution employs propietary techniques to reduce the amount of data generated by sensors by an average of 90%, but up to 99% without compromising its quality. This is core for current applications in the automotive market, including connected and autonomous cars applications. Teraki further on enables novel applications such as in the UBI, Fleet management and Telematics market which are too cost intensive. With Teraki's software product, customers are able to increase the data they can transmit, while maintaing a low CPU footprint at the end devices. This advantage is core for enabling future applications even using present automotive hardware.

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