Dr. Andrew Chung

Dr. Andrew Chung

Senior Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer
  • MOBIS Parts Europe N.V., Senior Computer Vision Algorithms Engineer, Sep. 2016–Today B
  • Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Sep. 2011–May 2016
  • California Institute of Technology, Summer Research Fellow, June 2008–Aug. 2008
  • California Institute of Technology, Summer Research Fellow, June 2007–Aug. 2007
  • University of Cambridge, Summer Research Fellow, July 2006–Aug. 2006
The Pop in your Job: Whats your passion? I’ve always been drawn to building creative technical solutions to challenging and rewarding problems. And what greater challenge than this? What greater payoff than redefining mobility, road safety, even the urban environment itself? This is the moonshot of our time, and I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say it will change the world. Count me in!

Hyundai Mobis Europe

From its beginnings under the name of Hyundai Precision Industry in 1977, MOBIS went on to become the world’s top container producer. After turning its focus to the automobile sector, in the 1990s MOBIS produced recreational vehicles like the Galloper and Santamo to create the “Galloper Legend”. 1990 MOBIS redesigned itself as an auto parts specialist. Hyundai Precision started to produce and supply chassis modules for Hyundai Motor and took the after-sales service parts businesses from both Hyundai and Kia motors in late 1999, and the company was renamed as MOBIS, kicking off the new millennium. 2000 was the year that MOBIS not only changed its name, but also became the biggest automotive parts company in charge of after-sales service parts distribution, auto parts export and module manufacturing. Against this backdrop, another adventure is awaiting MOBIS, as the company merged with Hyundai Autonet in 2009. The future technologies for automobiles need a systematic integration of both mechanical and electronic parts and MOBIS is now prepared to take on the future.

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