Christopher Bayer

Christopher Bayer

Development Engineer for Autonomous Driving - Perception and Sensor Fusion
I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Technical University in Munich with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning.  In my master thesis, I worked for BMW on the road course estimation for highly autonomous driving. Since 2013, I'm have been working at Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG in the environment perception team in Munich in the fields of sensor fusion, SLAM, Deep Learning and lane estimation. Together with my colleagues, we have published the papers "MultiLane Perception Using Feature Fusion Based on GraphSLAM" (IROS 2016) and "A Flexible Modeling Approach for Robust Multi-Lane Road Estimation" (IV 2017), in the context of our work for road estimation for autonomous driving.  My current focus lies in the combination of traditional methods with Deep Learning.

Continental AG

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transport. In 2017, Continental generated sales of €44 billion and currently employs more than 238,000 people in 61 countries.

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