Chris Hoyle

Chris Hoyle

Technical Director Driving Simulation for Deep Learning & Vehicle Dynamics
The Pop in my Job - What drives you, whats your passion? I found my element at a very early age.  I have been developing commercial computer systems since the age of 12 when I began programming games during every spare hour outside school.  Quite simply I love what we do at rFpro as we are constantly pushing the boundaries of simulation, and modelling the real world, for our customers' AI / ADAS training and testing. CV Chris founded rFpro by accident, ten years ago, when a hobby simulation project led to adoption of the software that became rFpro by three Formula One teams for their driving simulators.  rFpro soon migrated to the road car market and is now used by 7 of the Top-10 OEMs as well as Tier 1s and many smaller manufacturers for their driving simulation.  Human drivers now form a relatively small part of the simulated testing conducted in rFpro, dwarfed by the growth of the ADAS and Autonomous testing market.


rFpro focuses on driving simulation for engineering development of vehicle dynamics and the control systems that affect vehicle dynamics, ADAS and Autonomous Driving. rFpro allows the training and testing of the entire ADAS / Autonomous toolchain. From deep learning, training AI, to testing detection algorithms, validation against ground truth and validation with or without a human driver. rFpro's high quality 3D digital models of public roads enable an accelerated offline development and testing process. Driving simulation for vehicle dynamics is all about closing the loop through the driver and the vehicle model as quickly as possible while delivering a high quality and immersive environment. rFpro is proven in the demanding motorsport categories of F1, NASCAR, WEC, Indy, Super GT, IMSA and Formula E as well as being used by most of the top 10 road car OEMs and Tier-1s for chassis, powertrain and control system engineering.

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