Ching-Yao Chan

Ching-Yao Chan

Program Leader for the Transportation Safety Research Area California PATH
Dr. Chan has been with UC Berkeley since 1994. He is a Research Engineer and serves as the Program Leader for Safety Research at California PATH (Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology) of Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), http://www.path.berkeley.edu/. He is also serving as Associate Director of Berkeley Deep Drive, https://deepdrive.berkeley.edu/. Chan has 30 years of research experience in a broad range of automotive and transportation systems. He obtained his doctoral degree from Berkeley in 1988, and worked in the private sectors before joining PATH in 1994. Since then, he has been involved in a variety of research projects. His research experience spans from vehicle automation, driver-assistance systems, sensing and wireless communication technologies, to driver behaviors, vehicular safety and highway network safety assessment.

UC Berkeley

A wellspring of innovation, the school occupies a 1,232-acre campus near downtown Berkeley. UC Berkeley, also known as Cal, was established in 1868 as the flagship of today’s 10-campus University of California.  California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH), a research and development program of the University of California, Berkeley, has been a leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems research since its founding in 1986. In collaboration with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), administered by the university’s Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), PATH is a multi-disciplinary program with staff, faculty, and students from universities worldwide and cooperative projects with private industry, state and local agencies, and nonprofit institutions. In 2011, the current incarnation of PATH emerged through the consolidation of two UC Berkeley programs, the California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways and the California Center for Innovative Transportation. The new organization has brought together deep expertise in both research and deployment and is redefining the concept of “intelligent transportation systems” to meet the realities of the Information Age.

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