Boris Schauerte

Boris Schauerte

Product Manager for Autonomous Driving
The Pop in your Job - What drives you, whats your passion? Actively driving how artificial intelligence changes an industry and, from data to action, experiencing how cars learn to drive. CV
  • 10+ years experience in machine learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, and data analysis (currently with a focus on deep learning, convolutional neural networks, autoencoders, etc.).
  • 15+ years programming experience (e.g., C/C++, Python, Matlab).
  • PhD in computer science / robotics with a focus on audio-visual perception based on machine learning and signal processing.
  • Several years of experience in teaching and supervising university students in computer vision and machine learning.
  • Experience in project, product and team management.
  • Years of experience in designing, building and testing software solutions.
  • Work experience with SQL and NoSQL databases, distributed file systems, (very) large datasets, etc.
  • Strong interest in Linux and computer security since over 15 years.


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