Amer Nezirovic

Radar Systems Expert
Amer Nezirovic PhD. is the radar systems expert in Zenuity – supplier of state-of-the-art solutions for driver support and autonomous driving. Dr. Nezirovic was previously with Volvo Car Group where he had responsibility for assuring correct radar performance and radar integration in future Volvo vehicles as well as being involved in radar-related research projects and strategies. His previous experience is in research and development on novel radar technologies as well as improving sonar capabilities within the underwater defence arena. He holds a PhD degree in radar signal processing from TU Delft, The Netherlands and MSc in digital communications from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.


Zenuity is the brain child of the joint ventures of Autoliv and Volvo Cars. Our mission is to use the latest in ADAS/automated driving innovation to create robust and flexible solutions that are at the technological forefront – for today and tomorrow. As leaders in automated driving technology space, Zenuity uses a disruptive, never-been-seen before, business model to produce world-leading competence in key technology areas. Our motto is “Make it Real,” and our team works tirelessly to be the ideal, flexible supplier that delivers a range of solutions from which vehicle manufactures can pick, scale-up and freely integrate, providing leverage no matter their situation. Zenuity delivers spearhead solutions to be the go-to, future-proof partner and holistic provider. We are currently the only company to date to balance robust solutions at the forefront of innovation in the AD space while enabling our clientele the flexibility to cherry pick, continuously scale up and freely integrate with the Zenuity software. Zenuity executes rapidly without compromising verification and robustness. Delivering leading advanced driver assistance, highly automated driving, and cloud based automotive software, Zenuity is dedicated to transforming the automotive industry and catapulting into the future of transportation.

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