John Buszek

The Pop in your Job: What drives you / What is your passion? My ambition is bringing the outstanding Renesas solutions into cars, starting with our automated vehicles that we run every year with increasing features on CES. CV  John is a focused automotive engineer with product development experience in real-world automotive applications. His extensive workRead more

Vladislav Voroninski

CEO, Nov. 2016–Today Next generation AI for autonomous navigation. Sift Security, Scientific Advisor, Jan. 2016–June 2016 MIT, Instructor / Postdoc in Mathematics, June 2013–June 2016 Research in computer vision, compressed sensing, phase retrieval and theoretical computer science. Sift Security, Chief Scientist, Nov. 2014–Dec. 2015 Developing a machine learning framework for cybersecurity intrusion detection and investigation.Read more

Daniel Richart

Founder, Teraki GmbH, Jan. 2014–Today Today, many valuable IoT/M2M applications are not possible because of restrictions of existing networks’ ability to cope with the expected data volume, high costs associated with transmission over wireless and mobile networks and limitations in storage capacity. Alternatively, we offer a significant reduction in the computing power required to compress dataRead more

Suneil Mishra

The Pop in your Job – What drives you? Whats your passion?  Having spent a career deploying technologies with mass-market appeal, my focus is on solutions maximizing the positive impact on people’s lives. Autonomous systems and AI more than anything else have the opportunity to be life-transforming, and I’m excited to be helping accelerate theirRead more

Ahmed Yousif

The Pop in your Job: What drives you / what is your passion? The rapid development of technologies always gives me the thrill to learn and explore more and more. CV Valeo, Software Design Engineer, Jan. 2016–Today – Creation of test plans incl. use cases, reusability. – Planning, execution and analysis of system tests. –Read more

Gaurav Kumar Singh

Gaurav Kumar Singh is a Machine and Deep Learning Researcher at Research and Advanced Engineering at Ford Motor Company, located in Dearborn, Michigan. He has over 6 years of research experience ranging from Control Systems to Machine Learning and Data Science. His side gigs involve consulting friends in ways to utilize machine learning techniques inRead more

Erik Coelingh

Erik Coelingh is the Technology Advisor at Zenuity and Adjunct Professor Mechatronics at Chalmers University. Erik joined the Volvo Car Corporation more than 15 years ago, where he was responsible for Volvo’s first application of Automatic Emergency Braking and led the advanced engineering activities for Pedestrian Detection and Intersection Collision Avoidance. In 2008, he tookRead more

Dr. Jianxiong Xiao

Dr. Jianxiong Xiao is the founder of AutoX, a Silicon Valley tech startup focusing on creating full-stack A.I. software solution for autonomous driving.  Former professor and founding director of Princeton’s Computer Vision & Robotics Lab, Dr. Jianxiong Xiao has over ten years of research and engineering experience in Computer Vision, Autonomous Driving, and Robotics. InRead more

Dirk Nowotka

The Pop in your Job: What drives me / What is my passion:  Taming the Beast! Knowing which systems we want and getting them right.” 1997 Diplom Informatik (Computer Science), Dresden University of Technology, Germany 1997-2004 Research assistant and PhD student, University of Warwick, UK, Åbo Akademi, Finland, and University of Turku, Finland 2004 PhD MathematicsRead more

Cosmin Marian Anculia

In the software world for over 12 years, Cosmin Marian Anculia is currently Product Group Lead – Driver Assistance Systems, Hella Romania.Read more

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